Play Profitable Roulette

Playing roulette and making a profit: who doesn’t want to? Winning is naturally the most attractive part of playing any casino game, but being able to play and make a profit for a long run is not always possible. While we may all play with the idea of having a singular, lucky number, roulette is not all about luck and superstition. Tactics and strategies can certainly heighten your chance of winning in this game, you just have to understand how.

There are several strategies around the globe that people have tried, tested, and analysed. Even so, we cannot say that these strategies work every time. Thus, they are not a rule, but a strategy to improve your odds of winning through mathematical equations or statistical tests. Still, it works for some people, why not for you? With these tips you can play profitable roulette too.

The differences between tactics and strategies lies in the fact that strategies are more scientifically discovered and tested, whereas tactics may lie more in what you see, or feel about a certain person. Just as it works to train your eye in poker to read people’s body language, these tactics can improve your chances of winning.

Play Profitable Roulette2

Dealer's Signature

As you can sense bluffing in Poker, you can use the dealers signature to improve your odds in roulette. Each dealer has a certain way of spinning the ball after doing it for a while. The trick is to recognize this, through timing and where the ball starts and lands. The dealer will generally place the ball in the same spot whenever s/he is ready to spin the ball. They will also usually have a certain speed at which they spin the ball. Thus, if you check where the cylinder is when the dealer is ready to close the bets, you can quickly guess in which part of  the roulette wheel the ball will stop, giving you a higher chance of being able to bet on a certain winning number or numbers. Naturally, this does take a trained eye, and familiarization with a certain roulette dealer to perform this correctly.

Martingale System

The Martingale System lies somewhere between a tactic and a strategy, but it’s simple enough to understand. By betting not to win, but to lose, you can actually play in a profitable way over a certain period of time. Every time you lose a bet, you actually raise your bet. Whenever you double it, it will improve the losses you make when you do win. Of course you will win at some point, so then instead of winning a small amount, after a lot of losses, you win a very high amount that makes up for all the losses.

Profitable Online Casino Bonuses

Naturally, the online casino games can help players enormously with these tactics and strategies. Not only do the free-play versions of roulette offer players the possibility of practising and testing their strategy before playing with real money, but there’s no one watching you to check what you are doing. You can look so closely at the dealers hands that your nose is touching the screen, and count numbers our loud when you are betting. These things would be, at the least, frowned upon at a land-based casino.

Furthermore, the bonuses can allow you to have more betting room, which also helps with your strategies, as some require a high amount of bets before you may win. Thus, it is important to have a high limit that you can play with to try these out. Without bonus money, you would have to stop more quickly because you would have simply run out of money. Trying out these strategies can also be a fun way to complete your wagering requirements.

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