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Online roulette tips – 10 Tips to win with roulette

Roulette tip #1: Only play with the money you have!

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A lot of money on the table.

Only gamble with money that you can miss/lose without it being a problem. Is important to stress, since you won’t get financial issues if you play with money that you don’t necessarily need. The pressure that you will receive when playing with money that you can’t lose will not only put you under a great amount of stress. This would ruin your gambling experience, but can also lead to you making risky, hasty decisions, which may lead to you losing money that you usually wouldn’t. 

If you do not have any money that you can play with without strings, then we suggest you try playing roulette with free cash. This way, you can experience the pleasures of winning without the consequences of the losses. In any case, we strongly advise against playing with debt money, such as a mortgage or a credit card, to compensate for your losses.

Roulette tip #2: Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)

By betting on roulette positions that have a higher chance of winning, you are dramatically reducing your chance of losing. This sounds obvious, and it is, but it’s still important to note. Betting on red or black, even or odd, high or low, columns or dozens will still bring you twice your betting amount when you win. The chance of the ball falling on one specific number is much smaller. Thus, you might not necessarily win big in one go, but you might find yourself slowly but surely adding to your balance. This way, your losses won’t be as hard as they might be if you bet on only one pocket.

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Online roulette tips – 10 Tips to win with roulette 6

Roulette tip #3: Keep your head in the game

The most successful players make sure that they pay attention to the game. After all, chance, gambling, and statistics are all interlinked. So if you know how many times the ball has fallen on red, you might be able to estimate when it will fall on black better than if you’re distracted and haven’t kept track of the previous outcomes. Even so, the roulette wheel doesn’t have memory itself, and the chance of the ball falling on red will always remain at 50%. The Martingale System explains why the chances of the ball falling on red 11 times after each other are minimal.

Roulette tip #4: Understand the game before you play with real money

Try playing for free first. Read about different strategies and tactics before you play. Build up some experience with the table layout. All these things add up when you start playing for real money. After all, it’s a pity to lose money to silly mistakes that we all make in the beginning. Instead, you can get these out of your system using the free play version, and improve your winning chances when you decide that you’re ready for real wins.

Roulette tip #5: Set a budget beforehand

In order to realize what kind of impact certain amounts of money might have on your daily life, we suggest setting a budget for yourself before you start playing. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a limit for losses, but also a percentage of what you have won that you don’t want to lose. If you start with 50 euros, and you win until your balance is 100 euros, we suggest keeping 50 euros aside and playing with your winnings so that you are never left with empty hands, and you can stay motivated even after a few losses. 

Remind yourself of Tip #1 when calculating your budget to ensure that it is a realistic budget. You can set limits at almost all online casinos in your account, otherwise, contact the live chat for setting limits. Don’t ever forget this rule or the consequences may be big. These online roulette tips are important!

Roulette tip #6: Keep your emotions under control

To play like the professionals, you have to see it as the professionals do. It is essential to keep your emotions and feelings out of your gameplay. While you might be able to let your instinct or gut feeling choose your “lucky number” for a bet, we propose attempting to remain as balanced as possible. This will help you maintain a realistic mindset without letting yourself get pulled into the game during a winning streak. You should always remain completely in control.

Roulette tip #7: Never play American Roulette

American Roulette
Stay away from American roulette

We advise our players to always pick European, or French, roulette over American roulette. This is because of the simple reason that you have a higher chance of winning with European roulette. American roulette includes two zeros, while European roulette only has one. This makes the chance of the ball falling on the 0 or 00 instead of a red or black number higher. This is one of the online roulette tips everybody understands.

Roulette tip #8: Only play at trusted online casinos

This is where we can help you out. We only review trustworthy online casinos on our site, of which you can find a list here. If you want more information, you can use the pros and cons table to deduce whether they add up. All the online casinos on our site are thoroughly investigated in regard to their customer service, safety, game offer and more. Always check beforehand that online casino has the right licences. This might well be one of our favourite online roulette tips!

Roulette tip #9 Recognize deviations in the roulette wheel

The roulette cylinder is extremely sensitive to several features that may be active at the (online) casino. For example, if the floor isn’t completely level, then the cylinder may slow down slower on the side when it is lower, changing the spin of the ball, and thus the outcome. This doesn’t have to be to your disadvantage, however, some roulette wheels may help your outcome more once you realize which side it favours.

Roulette tip #10: Practice and improve your game

While playing more often doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have more luck than beginners, it can definitely help when you make use of certain strategies or tactics. This way, you will be more fluent in the ways of the system, makes fewer mistakes, and be more able to recognize certain chances. Keep checking our news articles for the most attractive roulette bonuses to help you on your way.

Our personal free bonus tip!

On a personal note. We like to add one important tip to these online roulette tips. Make sure you enjoy playing all the time!bonus-tip - roulette tips

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