Betting on Roulette Numbers

Roulette has many strategies and tactics. One of these is betting on red or black (Red Bet tactic and Martingale System). While this is an easy way to win small amounts of money, betting on roulette numbers brings a higher pay-out quickly, granted that you have a lucky streak.

Safe Bets vs Risky Bets

There are safe and risky bets in roulette, yet this is exactly what makes it so exciting. You can make a safe bet on red or black, or even or uneven. The advantages on these options are quite a few, while the wins are lower. The riskier bets are bets on singular numbers, including the 0 or 00. Even so, we know that if you do win on these, you receive a higher win, and immediate high profit. In European roulette, you only have a 1 out of 37 chance of winning on one single number, but the pay-out is worth it: 35 times your bet. With American roulette, your chances of winning are lower since the table also includes a double 0.

Betting on Roulette Numbers

Different Methods for Betting on Roulette Numbers

There are multiple ways of betting on roulette numbers. You can bet without a certain conscious reason behind is, or just “going for it”, some people choose to bet on their “lucky number”, or a number that they feel inclined to on that day, while others have certain patterns that they follow, whether it’s due to superstitions or a strategy.

Betting on one number is called a straight up, while a bet on two adjoining numbers (vertical or horizontal) is called a split. Betting on three numbers is a street, and can only be performed horizontally. When betting on four numbers sharing the same corner, this is called a corner or square bet. Any bet made up of six lines from two rows is called a six line. Betting on twelve numbers in a column are called the 1st, 2nd or third column, just as multiples of one through twelve are called the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dozen. Check out this page for more information.

Neigbour Betting

There are also other types of betting on numbers, such as neighbour bets. These bets don’t rely on the layout of the numbers on the table, but on the numbers on the roulette wheel. Thus, you’d bet on certain numbers that are neighbours on the roulette wheel. This is especially handy if you noticed a trend and can predict in which are of the roulette wheel the ball is going to fall. Usually, a neighbour bet includes not three, but five numbers neighbouring one central number (as in, two to the left and two to the right of a certain number.).