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Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games that we know. It was first played around 1796 in Paris, making it an age-old game. It is still a very popular game and therefore certainly not barred. In this article, we will focus specifically on the Roulette Tables, and not so much on the game. We will process all the details you can and want to know about these tables/wheels. In this article, you can read how and when it originated, which different types there are, where they are actually made, and much more! 

roulette table
roulette table in 3D

What is a Roulette table and how does it work?

A Roulette table is the gaming table of the famous game Roulette. It is characterized by the iconic rotating disc in the centre. Nowadays the game is played a lot online, but you will find the real classic tables mainly in the casinos. The rotating disk contains the numbers 0 to 36 which are alternately coloured red and black, and for each number, there is a box that can hold a ball. There are countless betting options. For example, you can bet on 1 number, on a colour, or a certain set of numbers. The idea is that after the bets have been placed, the wheel is spun, causing the ball to start rolling in circles. Eventually, the speed will decrease and it will end up in one of the boxes of a number due to the construction of the game. 

Online Roulette tables

Online Roulette tables look much simpler, of course, and we will mainly focus on the real tables in this article. However, this heading is dedicated to the online variant. The wheel and betting options are usually displayed side by side. Within a certain time, you must have made your bet and the ball will spin, just like in real life, until it comes to a stop. Online Roulette Tables, like all other online gambling games, have become very popular in recent years.

Online roulette table
online roulette table

What does a Roulette Table look like?

Most of the appearance of the Roulette Table has already been described above. To go into more detail: The outside of the circle is often made of a type of wood. The outside of the rotating circle has alternating red and black boxes, in which a number is in white. The corresponding boxes for this, in which the ball ends up, have the same colour. The number 0 is shown in green. Some variants have a real game board on which you can bet with chips. You often see automatic variants in casinos where multiple screens are placed around the circle.

Which different roulette tables are there?

In this section, we mainly look at European and American Roulette. The original variant originated in Europe and this is also the most famous. This is the game with 37 numbers, and therefore a 1 in 37 chance. The American version is almost identical to the European version. The difference is that an extra box has been added with '00', making the odds of winning 1 to 38 in this game. Another difference is the fact that the numbers in the European variant are placed randomly.

American roulette

In the American variant, consecutive numbers are opposite each other. so 1 opposite to 2, 3 opposite to 4, and so on. Another well-known name that should be mentioned here is the French Roulette. This variant is almost identical to European Roulette. However, there are some differences in terms of betting options.

Which parts does a Roulette wheel consist of?

The base/frame: The outer edge is also called the base, and is very strong. Usually, this is made of wood and metal.

The ball track: This is the part just after the edge. This is also the place from which the ball will first spin at high speed before it slows down and moves towards the pockets.

The metal deflectors: These are the metal pieces that are on the sloping part just after the ball track. These can cause the ball to change direction and speed. These parts make the game even more unpredictable. The pockets are coloured red, black or green (0/00).

The pockets: These are the boxes for the numbers where the ball eventually ends up.

The rotor: This is the middle rotating part, which causes the pockets and numbers to rotate. It is a fairly heavy piece of the Roulette wheel.

The shaft/the spindle: This part of the table supports the above-mentioned rotor and it must be well maintained.

The frets: These are the parts that sit between the pockets. These small but important parts should absolutely not be made of magnetic materials. This guarantees reliability.

Low-profile wheel vs High-profile wheel

There are two different types of wheels on when we talk about the frets or the spacers of the pockets. Low-profile vs high-profile is about the height of the frets. With Low profile, they run down at the backside, which makes them less high here. This ensures that the ball can roll from pocket to pocket more easily. This makes the game even more unpredictable.

Roulette wheel overview
a roulette wheel looked at from above

Where are Roulette Tables produced?

Nowadays there are several manufacturers of the Roulette Tables. However, three big names are frequently mentioned. All 3 are based in the US and have their own characteristics. The names of these manufacturers are Cammegh, John Huxley, and Paul-Son. Another well-known name in this industry is Abbiati. Because it is really custom and craftsmanship, there are only a few manufacturers. Although this number is getting bigger

cammegh roulette wheel
a beautiful cammegh roulette wheel

Which standard conditions must a Roulette wheel meet?

  • The weight must be evenly distributed over the wheel.
  • No magnetic material should be used. In addition to the wheel, this also concerns the ball. As a result, the game cannot be influenced by players or the casino.
  • The wheel itself must, of course, be able to move properly, but the other parts must be properly attached.

Specific requirements for the pockets are:

  • The pockets must all have the same dimensions.
  • The pockets must be evenly distributed over the wheel.
  • The ball should fit easily in a pocket, without it getting caught in between.

What are the dimensions and weight of a Roulette Table?

The diameter of a Roulette Table can vary but is generally 32 inches, which is equal to 80 centimetres. Without the ‘frame' you have the rotating part of the wheel, which is placed in the frame. The diameter of this is 20 inches, which is equal to about 51 centimetres. The size of the ball differs but is generally between 18 and 21 millimetres. The weight of a Roulette Table is approximately 45 kg, which is equal to 100 pounds. This specifically addresses the wheel of the table. Of course, the Roulette Tables come in many shapes and sizes, but these are the most common sizes.

How are Roulette Tables produced?

As mentioned before, making a Roulette Table is real craftsmanship. The main reason for this is so that the game remains completely unpredictable. How a Roulette Table is made is difficult to describe, but we can certainly tell you something about the materials and such:

Wood as the basis

Most Roulette wheels still have wood as the basis of the product. The first thing they do is make the frame (usually wood). two important production steps that follow are sandblasting and polishing. The wheel, and the other parts where the game actually takes place, are generally made of other materials. Metal is usually used for this. The pockets are mounted here, and this will be placed as a whole in the frame. In the centre of the wheel, you will always see a part that protrudes, which is also called the ‘handle'. This section is the last to be mounted on the wheel. Another production step is painting certain parts. Sometimes the edges or other parts of the frame are painted. This then happens before the wheel is placed in it. The ball is originally made of ivory. Nowadays other materials such as plastic are sometimes used for this

Stunning Roulette gaming tables from John Huxley
Stunning Roulette gaming tables from John Huxley

Try and Test

The very last step is to try and test the wheel. Due to the high quality and reliability requirements of the products, this is a crucial part. All parts are measured, which is especially important for the pockets. Furthermore, it is tested whether everything can move properly and freely and whether there are no uneven parts. When the Roulette wheel passes the test, it is ready for sale.

Alternatives for own use

It is also possible to make a Roulette Table for your own use with less professional materials/machines. You can easily find useful tutorial videos. Often plastic and cardboard are used for this instead of metal. If you are then somewhat careful with painting, you can create a beautiful copy.

How many real Roulette Tables are there?

The exact number of Roulette Tables in the world is difficult to name. For example, the well-known Bellagio hotel/casino in Vegas already has 60 Roulette tables, just to give an example.

How much does a Roulette Table cost?

There are many options to buy Roulette Tables if you search the internet. Professional tables quickly cost a few thousand dollars. There are many different prices to be found, often depending on the size of the wheel. But looking at Roulette wheels with a diameter of 32 inches, you have to think of prices between 5000 and 7000 Euro's, Pounds or Dollars. What you will probably be surprised about is the most expensive Roulette Table ever made. This is a fun fact to know. It was made entirely of gold and silver, and it ended up being sold for over half a million!

When and where was the Roulette Table invented?

As mentioned in the introduction, the Roulette Table was first played at the end of the 18th century, 1796 to be precise. The game was first played in France. This was also the European variant. Logical, since the game first became popular in Europe before it was adopted in America. That's also the main reason for the fact that there are two main types of Roulette games.

How is the Roulette wheel invented?

The man behind the idea of the Roulette wheel is Frenchman Blaise Pascal. Blaise Pascal was a genius. He was a mathematician and physicist with a lot of knowledge. Although the exact history is difficult to trace, we like to believe the story of this Blaise Pascal. It originated from Pascal's desire to produce a perpetual movement, without the necessary energy. The idea of a gambling game came about through friends. So you can certainly speak of an accidental invention. However, this game did not yet contain zero (or double zero). The variants that we now know were only developed later. The inventors of the Roulette wheel with the zero were Francois and Louis Blanc. In 1842 she introduced this variant, which was soon opened to the wider public.

Roulette wheel bias

A Roulette wheel is, of course, spun very often in one day. That is why people sometimes talk about a bias Roulette wheel, which is therefore not completely unpredictable. This can be due to wear and inequalities.

Largest Roulette wheel in the world

A fun fact about the largest Roulette Table in the world. This can be found in Lebanon. This record is even included in the Guinness book of records. That this can be found precisely in Lebanon is quite unusual. It is not the first place that comes to mind when it comes to casinos. The diameter of this gigantic device is no less than 8.75 meters, which is equal to 344 inches. Despite its size, it is fully functional. It took 18 hours to assemble the individual parts, once it was in the casino. The base is an aluminium frame with quite a few lights to make it even more spectacular. The table still has to be approved before it can actually be played. At the moment it is mainly for the show in the casino. The wheel has of course been tested and measured, so it is expected that the device will be approved.

the largest roulette wheel in the world
The largest roulette wheel on the ceiling of the Lebanon casino

Some other facts about Roulette Tables

  • Roulette is also known as the game of the devil. The numbers (0 to 36) add up to 666, the number of the devil.
  • The game is probably derived from another game. The English Roly Poly, with a similar effect.
  • In this article, we mainly distinguished European and American Roulette. But there is also French Roulette. These have two other rules: La Partage, and En Prison. La Partage returns half of your bet when the ball lands on the green square of the zero. With the En Prison rule, you can leave your bet on the table for the next turn.
  • The Roulette wheel must be placed properly and level on the table. Otherwise, the game may become more predictable.
  • In French, ‘Roulette' means little wheel. Hence the naming.
  • The most popular number is said to be 17. This is also the favourite number of James Bond, who often comes to the casino in the movies.


So this ancient game still has a surprising amount of ‘secrets' that many have never heard of, I think. The Roulette Table has a rich history and there are plenty of fun facts about the game/table!


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