Paroli System

The Paroli System is a strategy that is highly oriented around your profit. This entails that your wins will have higher effect than your losses. In this retrospect, this system is very different to strategies such as d’Alembert or Cancellations. It is however, also similar in that you use this system only on near chance bets, such as red/black, odd/even, or 1 – 18/ 19 – 36. Playing Paroli means using you’re the winnings of your pay-out to bet for the next game.

You thus continuously increase your bet (your original bet, plus your winnings). This is why it’s not possible to deduce your final profit amount, though you do decide your maximal bet beforehand. This is a prevention measure to ensure that you don’t play on too long, which leads to losses. The Paroli System can be seen as somewhat more of a risky strategy, while the chance of greater profit is thus heightened.

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How does the Paroli System work?

Every time you win, you increase your bet, and when you lose, you lower your bet. You continue to do so until you are back to your original starting bet amount. You will then continue to bet this amount as long as you continue to lose. When you win, your bet will increase again. It is a good idea to choose beforehand how long you are going to continue on a winning streak. Once you reach this amount, it is a good idea to start back at your original starting bet. This strategy therefore doesn’t include much mathematical knowledge or strategic thinking. Other qualities are however important, such as the self-control to stop when your winning streak maximum has been reached.


Imagine that your maximum bet is £ 100, and your maximum winning streak is four times. This means that when you win four times in a row, you return to your starting amount. With a starting amount of £ 5 and a win, you are expected to increase your next bet. This is usually your bet + your win, so doubled. Once you’ve won four times in a row, you have won £ 75 and return to the starting amount. When you lose a bet and thus not make four wins in a row, you return back to the starting bet of £ 5.

Does the Paroli System really work?

The example above goes to show that, after winning four times, the player has won £ 75. The next bet place would be £ 80 (£ 5 doubled four times). If you were to lose this, you would simply lose your winnings, as well as your original bet. If you not weigh the profit that you can make, against what you already have, you could get £ 155. You can of course, choose to only play with your winnings, which will grant you a certain amount to fall back on in case of a loss.

Even so, it can be very frustrating to quit during a winning streak, as well as lose when you’ve doubled your winnings. This is why it is paramount with this system that you remain in control of yourself at all times. The Paroli system is one that provides you a small chance of large profits, while the losses remain limited.

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