One Hit Wonder System

The One Hit Wonder System for roulette sounds very risky and not very sensible, who knows, this might be correct. Even so, in One Hit Wonder, you will be committed to a specific, fixed number. In order to use this system correctly, you have to understand that we do not mean that you place a single number bet every time, but that you only bet on one number, every time. Once the number has fallen, the intention is that you then choose a new, different number that must again, have a One Hit Wonder.

One Hit Wonder Origin

The term One Hit Wonder is originally known from the music industry. The phenomenon describes the one moment that it takes to make someone famous. After all, how often do artists have a one-time hit that stands at the top of the charts, but never reach this position again? Exactly. This is relatable to winning with this roulette strategy, after all, your number has to fall at some point. This system require that you wait until your number becomes a hit, but not in the music industry; in the online roulette wheel.

One Hit Wonder System2

How does the One Hit Wonder System work?

The hardest part of this system is choosing your lucky number. Where do you base you choice on? Most people relate to a feeling, but if you use this strategy, it’s also important to keep an eye on which number hasn’t fallen in a while. This number with then be the only number that you use. You will, in practice, be stubborn and bet on this one number until you win. You should therefore have the necessary patience and get comfortable. When you do win, however, you will be paid our 35 to 1, which is definitely worth the wait.

Does the One Hit Wonder System work?

Some players are a huge fan of this system, while others avoid it. Naturally, this system is incredibly simple to grasp. Even so, it requires a great amount of stubbornness, and patience in order to win. Furthermore, the odds of winning are much lower, since some numbers can take a while before landing, after which your bet amount may be higher than your won amount. This is why it is handy to check the statistics that most online casino roulette games offer to see which number hasn’t fallen for a while.

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