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Neighbour bet roulette strategy

With all the different kinds of strategies for roulette on the internet, it can be rather overwhelming. Some of these strategies also require certain studying and note-taking before you can properly play roulette while using them. The Neighbour Betting System, luckily, is not one of them. This system is simple and ideal for players that aren’t familiar with all the different kinds of betting strategies. This system is not very scientific, but it does reduce the playing risk somewhat. In the video hereunder, the system is explained, and it also explains the statistics that are involved. Every roulette strategy is based on statistics.

How does the Neighbour Betting System for roulette work?

Neighbour betting System2
Neighbour betting system

Many players use the neighbour betting strategy while playing roulette, but why and how? It does not matter where you decide to play roulette, online, live, or offline; you can apply this system. If you have a lucky number or feel that the roulette ball will fall on a certain pocket, this strategy will probably work well for you. In case the roulette ball does not stop in the pocket that you predicted, you will always have the chance that it does stop at one of the neighbouring pockets, on which you have a bet. This way, you have less chance of losing your full bet than betting on only one number.

Different Types of Neighbour Betting

The Direct Neighbours bet for roulette

If you’re playing at a land-based casino, you would give three chips to the croupier and tell him/her that it’s a neighbouring bet and your number of choice. The dealer will then place your bet accordingly on the roulette table. When you play online roulette, you can place these chips yourself on the roulette table.

The Double Neighbours bet for roulette

If you want to have more chances to at least win something with your bet, you can play with two neighbours on both sides of your number. This means that you bet five chips instead of three. The other two chips will thus be placed on the neighbour’s neighbours. The simple explanation is that you have more numbers covered with your bet. So the chance that the ball falls on a number that you have chosen is bigger.

Roulette Triple Neighbours bet

If you really would like to play with as little risk as possible, it’s safest to bet with three neighbours in total. This means that you cover 1/7th of the wheel with chips, reducing your risk.

Here’s an Example of a neighbour’s bet at roulette

Imagine that you have been seeing a lot of 11s today, so you decide to bet on the number 11. For the double neighbour betting, this would mean that you also bet four chips on the numbers 30, 8, 36, and 13 as the numbers are the neighbours of 11 on the roulette wheel. Do not forget to place a chip on number 11 itself, of course.

Does Neighbour Betting actually work as a successful roulette strategy?

By using the Neighbour Betting System, you are single reducing the risk for a bet that you are going to make. This means that you have a higher chance of winning with a single bet, if you feel, for whatever reason, that the ball will fall on a certain area on the roulette wheel. But of course, against any risk, there’s a reward offset.

To improve your winning chances, you can also use visual ballistics or the dealer’s signature tactic to deduce where the ball might land. Due to the unconscious similar timing that all dealers have at the roulette table when spinning the cylinder or ball. This would improve your chances even more.

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