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Martingale system: Double up until you win with the martingale strategy

The martingale roulette system is a very well-known strategy. You play it loss-oriented, just like the Labouchére System. 

By doubling your bet after every loss, you are playing to always earn your betted amount back, plus an additional win. 

The Martingale System is called a negative progression system. While this may sound negative, you may end up winning! Similar to other negative progression systems, you are required to bet on the low-risk bets: red/black, odd/even, or 1 – 18/19 – 36.

How does the Martingale System work?

The starting bet in the Martingale System is £ 1. Every time you lose, you double your last bet amount, so if you were to lose only, it would look like this: £1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. Whenever you win, you return to your starting bet of £ 1 and begin the whole process again. Since this system doubles the betting amount, keep in mind that the betting amount increases enormously, so your betting limits should also be incredibly high, as well as your bankroll.

Martingale System - Roulette strategy
How it works. The Martingale roulette system

Example of the martingale systems for roulette

You start with betting £ 1 on red, and you lose the following four bets in a row, meaning that you have already bet the following: £ 1, £ 2, £ 4, and £ 8 = £ 15 in total. If you were to win your fifth bet, with a betting amount of £ 16, you would win a total of £ 32. This means that you have covered your past losses with your last win (32 – (16 + 15)= 1).

Does it work?

The system is sound, in regards to that you always win more than you bet when your bet falls, but the betting amount increases exponentially, after only a few losses (it doubles every bet).

Losses can be high

Since losses can be so high, the Martingale System is also seen by many players as one of the riskiest strategies in playing roulette. In the example given above, you do only with £ 1, after having bet £ 31 in total.

Since the betting amount increases so drastically after a few losses, it is also important to find a table with very high limits, so that the casino does not force you to stop betting after your losses have continued for a while. In this case, you would lose all your invested bets. The problem with high limits tables is that the minimum bet is also minimized.  This can/must be played with a higher starting amount, as long as you keep and are allowed to double your bet time after time..

We tried it ourselves

We personally tried this for two weeks with the £ 1 variation (bet £ 255) and won a total of £ 1,100 on roulette.  But..unfortunately, we ended up losing this afterwards. As the wrong bet fell some many times that we weren’t allowed to double up our bet because of the maximum table limit and our own budget limit.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System focuses on roulette bets on red or black and is perhaps the most well-known strategy of all. With the Martingale system, you bet on one colour and keep doubling your bet as long as you lose, until you win, at which you go back to the base bet. In this way, you won’t actually lose your money, unless you run out of money. This is why the Martingale System is only a good idea to play if you have a high limit to play with, such as through a roulette bonus or such.

This is why betting on red or black with the Martingale system is a great way to gamble for players that prefer certain security in that they will win and make a profit at some point. The disadvantage of this system is of course, that you can never win all that much in one go, and therefore have to play for a while before really getting a large profit out of this system.

The Martingale Scheme

If betting on red or black isn’t really for you, then there are still other options. You can also use one or more numbers as a base bet. Here, however, you do bet more, while the winning chances are smaller. Even so, when you do win, you win higher than you would on red or black. It’s best to choose your own preference of playing, and stick to that base bet throughout the whole game, otherwise, you can potentially lower your chances of winning.

martingale roulette strategy / system
the martingale systems for roulette for those who appreciate visuals
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