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Flieger System – Roulette strategy

Flieger System2
Flieger System - Roulette strategy 2

While most strategies focus on the high winning bets, such as red and black, even and odd, or 1 through 18 or 18 through 36, the Flieger System focuses on the use of the dozens. While your winning chances may be less than the almost 50/50 of these outer bets, the pay-out rate with the dozens is higher; almost three times higher.

Higher chances of winning with the Flieger System

By making use of the dozens, you are technically making your chance of winning 12 out of 37; almost one-third. This is why this strategy has a low loss rate. In fact, in the Flieger System, you should have to bet unsuccessfully at least 15 times in order to make a loss. After all, the chance that you place the wrong bet is 25/37. The chance that this happens 15 times after each other though, is (25/37) 15, which is equal to 0.27%. In other words, the chance that you have a losing session is a little less than three in one thousand.

How does the Flieger System work?

As with several other strategies, the Flieger System also follows the technique that losing a bet leads to an increase for the next bet. It is therefore never intended to deviate from this betting system for optimal results. While it seems very similar to the Martingale System, this system focuses not on red and black, but on the dozens. The reason for this is that you’re pay-outs are much higher, while your chances are not significantly lowered.

In the Flieger System, you start with a bet on one of the three dozens. Every time you lose, you increase the bet according to the Flieger table, and every time that you lose, you return to the starting point. This means that you will always end with a win.

RoundBetTotal BetPay-OutWin
the Flieger system in a table


You start with betting £ 5 on one of the 3 dozens. If you win, you increase your bet with the next amount on the table; £ 10. Should you lose this round, then you return to the starting point and start betting again with £ 5. The table shows you how much you have bet in total depending on which round you are on, as well as what your pay-out would be, should you win on that round and return back to the start.

Does the Flieger System work?

The Flieger System has one main flaw, and that is that you continuously place bets that add up to a lower amount than that you should win. However, this very much depends on your budget, as well as the table limits. If you exceed these and are no longer able in regards to your budget, or table limits, to place a higher bet when you lose, you will have lost your bet, as well as all the previous high bets. This is, therefore, not a good strategy to try if you have a limited budget, as the losing sessions can have an enormous impact in regard to the winning rounds. If you were to stick to this strategy, you have to be prepared to, in case you reach the last round, place a 1,700-pound bet, after already having placed over 3,395 pounds in the previous rounds.

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