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Dealers Signature – Does the dealer influence the result?

What is the Dealers signature? For most people, roulette seems to be a game where one needs the luck to win. Some players believe in their own strategy and manner of betting to make a profit, while others try to find other ways to beat the house. 

One of these strategies is to look at the dealer or croupier at the table and find patterns in the outcomes, this roulette strategy is called the Dealers Signature. Since this signature needs to have a dealer with habits and their own mannerisms, it is only possible to use this on live roulette games.

Does every dealer have a dealer’s signature?

Croupiers aren’t robots, which is why live casino appeals to us, but this also sets us at an advantage. Every croupier spins the wheel in his or her own way, and (un)consciously maintains a certain speed and spin placement. By recognizing and using this human quality, you can increase your chances of winning through the use of the so-called dealer’s signature. Rumour has it that a croupier develops his/hers own signature after about 1,000 spins, which can go quite quickly. Since croupiers need to be vigilant and consistent, it is possible to find the same croupier at certain times, at the same tables, which gives you a higher chance of being able to predict his actions.

Casinos are aware

To make sure the combination of a roulette dealer with a roulette table or roulette wheel does not lead to predictable results, The casino’s found a solution. They secretly move around the roulette wheels in the casino each night. This is done in random order and it is something the dealers are not involved in. This is all done to mitigate the risk of corruption and to minimize the risk of a visible dealer’s signature.

Dealers Signature2
Roulette dealer at work

When does a dealer have his own signature?

To determine whether a dealer has his/her own signature, the following points are important:

  • A similar point of release of the ball every time
  • Releases the ball at the same angle
  • Spins the ball into the wheel at the same speed each time
  • Is there a pattern to be seen in the outcomes of the results?

If your dealer has all of the above-mentioned factors, he/she should a signature. Even so, the mentioned factors will not on their own tell you where the ball is going to stay. There are still several important physical variables that may determine the numbers of where the roulette ball may fall:

  • Is the ball completely round (no abnormalities)?
  • The wear of the wheel
  • The amount of oil or dust on the wheel/ball
  • The temperature
  • The speed of the wheel

How does the dealer’s signature work?

Whether the dealers indeed have a signature and whether you can use this to your advantage when you play roulette remains the question.

While most croupiers would say that this signature is non-existent, it is possible that this is simply unconscious to them. After all, most land-based casinos take measures for this by not allowing couriers to stand at one table for too long.

Being able to determine where the ball lands can easily be seen at an online (live) casino by looking at which number has fallen multiple times before.

Often, the same numbers are in a signature. Do keep in mind that this does not mean that you should consistently bet on that number, but it can help you see which side of the wheel your croupier favours for example, which can limit your playing field, thus bringing a higher chance of winning. You can witness dealers through live casinos at online casinos in order to become familiar with a certain dealer.

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