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In the online casino industry, NetEnt (Net Entertainment) is one of the leading software providers. This is not only in regards to online live casino, but also videoslots. This is why most online casinos offer a certain amount of NetEnt games, whether it’s table games, videoslots, or their live casino software.

NetEnt Live Casino3

This famous software provider came into existence in 1996, and launched their own online casino module in 2000, quickly followed by four more. In 2002, Net Entertainment presented this casino module, which immediately became a hit. This complete casino module allowed online casinos to simply use NetEnt games in their online casino, complete with an innovative management system. Since then, Net Ent has begun focusing exclusively on the development of casino software, as so successfully. You will see that a great amount of online casino use this bar-setting software providers casino module and games.

Play NetEnt Live Roulette!

NetEnt Live Casino

NetEnt is well known for their high quality in games. This entails, among others, that their live casino quality is the highest standard around. While other live casino providers may play multiple tables and dealers in one space, to recreate the real land-based casino feel, Net Entertainment has an exclusive area for each table. This ensures that you won’t hear the ruse of other casino dealers talking through the live feed, or see other dealers in the background. Instead, the focus is placed completely on the competent live casino dealers.


While the live casino software does not provide as many tables as the live casino software leader, Evolution Gaming, they do offer a high standard of games, whereby you won’t be left feeling as though you miss anything. In this case, you do not receive a land-based casino experience, but a new online, live casino experience, which may be better than land-based. The background always looks exquisite, as do the live casino dealers, clad in neat, classy clothing.NetEnt Live Casino2

NetEnt Live Roulette Offer

  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette Professional Series
  • Roulette Professional Series
  • Automatic Roulette HD
  • Promotional Roulette
  • Live Rocket Roulette

Special NetEnt Live Roulette Tables

Net Entertainment is also an impressive provider for Mini roulette, so that you can play live casino even through the ease of your mobile, without having to give up your quality, or speed of the screen.

Play NetEnt Live Roulette!

Promotional Live Roulette

NetEnt Live Promotional Roulette

NetEnt often offers players a promotional live roulette table. This often goes hand in hand with the release of a new videoslot, or is in the theme of a classic, and oft played videoslot. In this case, the background is changed to match the theme, as well as the decorations, and clothing of the dealer. This leads to a fun, and themed live roulette experience. These tables are oft tied to another promotion, such as a chance to win a cash prize, or tickets to a holiday destination.

Live Rocket Roulette

NetEnt Rocket Roulette

Live Rocket Roulette is a new version of speed roulette that Net Entertainment offers. These spins are reduced to a brisk ten-second betting time, so if you’re in a hurry, or can simply think quickly on your feet, then this form of live roulette may be ideal for you.


NetEnt is an impressive software provider for live casino, which is why NetEnt is the second main leading live casino software provider after Evolution Gaming. While it may come in second, this does not mean that it is lesser than Evolution Gaming, it simply places quality over quantity. Some of the tables, especially the special ones, do not open until midday, which is a pity for players wanting to play continuously throughout the day.

NetEnt Live Casino

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