Winning with Roulette

The sensational feeling that you get when you make a high roulette win is a feeling that all roulette players look forward to. Winning with roulette is a realistic possibility when you know what you’re doing, especially when betting on red or black. In theory, it doesn’t matter whether you play at an online casino or land based casino, as the game itself is exactly the same. However, you do receive more bonus possibilities or cashback offers at an online casino. These bonuses may allow you to play for free to try out new roulette strategies, or provide you with the possibility of performing higher bets than that you would usually attempt with your balance. You can furthermore extend your chances of winning by following our tips as well as trying a few different strategies. While roulette may be a gamble, it can be a calculated one.

Way of Winning with Roulette

Since roulette is such an ancient and famous game, it is only natural that there are multiple different kinds of strategies that have been unearthed throughout the years. The systems were generally discovered by one person, after which the strategy was later named. While some of these strategies may not be more than detailed and extensively researched tactics, the point is that there is a main though throughout the gaming schedule that you fall back on as player. Some of these strategies may, however, increase your chance of winning, depending on what has been played already (think red or black) or what is statistically correct. Strategies differ from analytical experience to mathematical equations. Depending on whether you are more concentrated on what feels right at that moment regarding your personal feeling, or whether you are more inclined to follow a mathematical procedure; it depends on what works for you as the player.

The Foundations of Roulette

In order to win with roulette, you will naturally need to fully grasp the basics of roulette. The game rules, pay outs, and different betting combinations can all be found on this site, as well as the top 10 tips for when you start playing. The most frequently played roulette variation is European roulette, which gives you the highest chances of winning since it only includes one zero, and not two. We do however, have three main ways of playing roulette that can appeal to different types of roulette players.

Roulette Betting Technique #1: Roulette Computers

One of the less popular ways of betting in roulette is through the use of a roulette computer, or bot. This is completed through the use of a so-called roulette robot, that analyses the speed at which the dealer releases the ball and the speed of the roulette wheel cylinder. With his information, the bot can calculate where the ball will end up stopping, so that you know on which pocket to bet. This youtube video shows how a Roulette bot might go about its work.

Roulette Betting Technique #2: Visual Ballistics

While the name visual ballistics may sound rather old-fashioned, this technique is relatively similar to what the roulette bots do. In this case however, you will not be able to predict where the ball will fall due to the speed of the spinning ball and wheel. You can, on the other hand, start recognizing certain patterns. After a while of analysing the wheel at a live casino or table at a land-based casino, you will see a certain trend which can help you estimate the position where the ball will stop in the last spin.

Roulette Betting Technique #3: Parlay

The Parlay technique is a complete different technique, though one of the simplest, and most well-known technique, except for its name. The principle is simple: you only bet on bets with 50/50 win chances. This can be black/red, even/odd, of column/dozens. Every time that you win with this technique, you win twice the amount that you have bet. This technique requests that you double your bet with every round that you win, and start again with your minimal bet once you lose a round. While this sounds theoretically possible, the difficulty in this technique is knowing when to stop. Since you keep doubling your bet when you win, the one time you lose will be the highest bet you make, which can make it difficult for some players to stop. Winning with Roulette Parlay
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