Online roulette is getting more popular each year

 live roulette dealerNew games are being developed each day. The online gambling market is bringing exciting new digital games to the market. But the latest numbers we have seen from several online casinos is that roulette is extremely successful in holding its ground and is getting more popular. Especially in the United Kingdom roulette's market share went up between 2 and 4%.

Experts say it has to do with the introduction of new ways to play roulette online. Live roulette is the biggest grower with 7%. With live roulette, people can play in a real casino from the comfort of their homes.  Next to this the online casino's are successful in attracting and retaining players with no deposit bonuses and other incentives

In this strange year (corona) the number of online is still growing rapidly. It's up to the casinos to make sure that playing behavior stays fun and that the problem gamblers are not allowed to spend their entire income on gambling.

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