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Roulette Bonuses and promotions at the top 10 online casinos

Roulette Bonus

It is the desire of every online casino to attract as many players to play roulette, or even more so, live roulette. This is why they are incredibly keen on passing out a good roulette bonus.  And this is not for nothing because people who like to play at an online casino are looking for a good bonus all the time. Basically, online casinos hand out bonuses because of two reasons no this is not because they are just being nice but because they would like new people to try the casino and online games and become a regular customer (welcome bonuses). The other reason is that want their customers to stay with their casino for as long as possible (CRM bonuses). We are committed to finding for you the best roulette bonuses online.

Bonus news

A roulette bonus is not a bad thing

Does this mean a roulette bonus is a bad thing? No, absolutely not. You can profit from the competition between the casinos and look for the best bonuses. The best roulette bonus is not per definition the bonus with the highest amount. It is important that you understand the conditions attached to the bonus. It is not possible to withdraw the bonus amount to your bank immediately. But in many cases, it is possible to withdraw the winnings… In this article, we discuss the different bonus types.

Examples of roulette bonuses are welcome bonuses such as deposit bonuses, CRM promotions (Customer Relationship Management) or bonuses paid out as free credits.

Not everybody feels that the roulette and casino bonuses are worth accepting

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Welcome Bonus

Many types of welcome bonuses are used by online casinos. The most well-known is the deposit bonus. These are often a certain percentage, up to a certain amount; for example, 100% to 200 pounds/euro’s/dollars. This means that the amount that you deposit is doubled up to a deposit amount of €200. So in total, you will have a balance of 400.00 Euro on your account. Almost every online casino offers a certain deposit bonus to new players. This provides them with a head start in online casinos. These bonuses are especially attractive to roulette players. Because you have the luxury of being able to play with high limits and win a higher amount than if you were only playing with your deposited amount. Maybe you’ll even become a high roller!

High roller roulette bonus to play high stakes

Online casinos know that some players enjoy playing big, and thus winning big. These players are generally called high rollers, and bet and deposit more than the average player. These are the ideal customers for an online casino, and they are fighting each other to attract and retain these high roller roulette players who play for high stakes.

Roulette Bonuses High Roller Bonus
Thinking of high rollers gets you James Bond vibes

200 Euro isn’t enough…

You can imagine that a welcome bonus of 100% up to Pound 200 isn’t extremely attractive for a high roller. For this reason, several online casinos offer high roller roulette bonuses for these fanatic players, which lay considerably higher than normal welcome roulette bonuses. These do, however, also include a higher minimum deposit amount. This is ideal for high rollers since they were planning on depositing, betting, and winning much higher anyhow. High rollers are always interested in the best roulette bonuses online. 

No deposit roulette bonus

Roulette Bonuses No Deposit Bonus
Free cash to experience the casino

While most players are only able to receive a bonus after their first deposit, some casinos may offer players a small gift after their registration, before they have to deposit. This is known as a no-deposit bonus. A no-deposit bonus is presented in the form of free spins or in cash. A cash bonus is extremely generous since this can be used on roulette games. Free spins, in contrast, can only be used on slot machines. Even so, free spins can be attractive as well because you can use your winnings on the roulette table afterwards.

Reload Roulette Bonus

Roulette Bonuses Reload Bonus
Weekly reload bonuses to keep players at the casino

While most roulette promotions are offered to new players to get them onboard, reload bonuses are also offered to existing players. These are primarily the same as deposit bonuses, in that you can reload your balance through the use of, for example, 75% up to €150. These reload bonuses are emailed to you, or placed in your treasure chest. Other casinos have weekly reload bonuses. Weekly returning promotions are often listed on the promotion page at an online casino.

Cashback Roulette Bonus

Roulette Bonuses Cash Back Bonus
Cash back bonus

Sometimes luck just isn’t looking over your shoulders, and everything ends up taking an unexpected turn for the worst. Online casinos understand that you can’t always win, which is why they invented cashback roulette bonuses for very unlucky players. With a cashback roulette bonus, the casino will return a certain percentage of your losses in, for example, the past day. You receive a small amount of the money that you have officially already lost to compensate for the unlucky feeling. Online casinos try to add that silver lining to your cloud in this way so that you won’t be afraid of trying something new or betting big in the future. This is actually one of the most popular bonuses for roulette and blackjack players.

Roulette promotions


Every online casino has a Customer Relationship Management team that actively works on offering different players the right bonus for them, even if you are no longer a new player. The online casinos are hoping that you will deposit after the welcome bonus, and continue to do so in the future. The CRM team has the opportunity to check your gambling style, and offer you a personal bonus which correlates with your betting style. Some online casinos may choose to do this through email, text messages, or chat when you log in.

Weekly Promotions

Weekly reoccurring promotions are designed to keep you playing. Many casinos have the Monday Blues, where you can receive a cashback bonus in case your Monday is not turning out well for you. A Hump Day Reload Bonus on Wednesday may be aimed at breaking your week by granting you the opportunity to use a deposit bonus. At the weekend you may find the Friday Happy Hours, where if you deposit in the promotional period, you may receive an attractive reload bonus. In case it wasn’t clear yet: make sure to check out the weekly promotions, so you don’t miss out on the re-occurring bonuses!

Thematic promotions

Some casinos are more imaginative in their promotions. They offer players a promotion that revolves around a specific theme. For example, when a big, new video slot is released, a live roulette table is dedicated completely to the theme of this new video slot. These promotions are often temporary, so it’s important that you know about them quickly, which we focus on doing. Other temporary promotions might be leaderboards or tournaments, as well as winning a specific prize when the ball drops in a particular pocket (such as the 4th on the Fourth of July for American players).

VIP promotions at roulette

While most online casinos welcome their new roulette players with attractive welcome roulette bonuses or even high roller bonuses, some online casinos reward players even more through the use of a VIP programme. Some casinos may openly display the different levels of VIP status, and how to reach such a status.

Others choose differently

Others may choose to keep it a mystery and seek contact with a player who qualifies for the VIP status unknowingly. In both cases, the VIP status brings with it some attractive bonuses and extras. You may receive VIP promotions not available to normal players, a higher cashback percentage, a personal VIP manager, father withdrawals, and/or exclusive parties or experiences, along with other appealing offers.

Exclusive roulette bonus

While all these roulette bonuses and promotions are delightful, we have one more personal roulette bonuses to add for our players. These are the exclusive bonuses.  An exclusive bonus is a bonus targeted at you as a person. When you get a personal bonus, you feel appreciated by the casino. These exclusive roulette bonuses are most of the time focused on those who play high stakes. But more and more, the casinos are using these bonuses to retain their regular clients and provide them with some personal attention.

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