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VIP Roulette

As a loyal and returning player at any casino, you may at some point during your visits be asked if you’re interested in becoming a VIP roulette player. They are not trying to sell you anything; this is a great honour. You are, as the title suggests a Very Important Person to that casino. This is when casinos provide you with special treatment, where you receive free drinks, a personal manager, and often, a VIP table. Online casinos similarly offer their players benefits in a similar fashion, but those that you can enjoy without having to leave the comfort of your home.

VIP Roulette 1

How do I become a VIP?

As the name suggests, this is an honorary title. This means that you have to earn it. How you do this depends per casino. Some online casinos have very open and clear VIP programs that show what you need to do to in order to qualify for this VIP position. They even show how many Comp Points you need to receive in order to get to the next VIP level. Each VIP level comes with new and better bonuses, and options for casino players.

Other online casinos don’t have a specific VIP program, and are slightly more exclusive. Here, you need to be invited to the VIP by one of the VIP managers. They will usually get in touch with you after observing one of the following characteristics: loyal customer, high depositor, high better, playing regularly, making use of multiple promotions/bonuses. In all cases, most VIP positions at online casinos will offer you very attractive extras that make your casino experience just that much more enjoyable.

What does being a VIP Player entail?

The extras that you receive at online casinos naturally depends on the online casino itself. Even so, there are multiple characteristics that are consistent at most online casinos for VIP players. Thus, most online casinos offer VIP Players the following luxuries:

  • No Deposit Fees
  • Designated Account Manager
  • Prioritised, Higher, and Faster Withdrawals
  • Exclusive Promotions and Bonuses
  • Exclusive VIP Events
  • Gifts and Trips

VIP Roulette Tables

Similar to at a land-based casino, online casinos also offer players VIP tables. While non-VIP players can also play at these tables, these tables are more often played by high rollers or VIP players. These tables often have higher limits, and are also classier, with a more exuberant background, and neater dressed live dealers. For a VIP roulette experience, we suggest playing at these VIP tables.

VIP Roulette 2

Where can you play VIP Roulette?

Most online casinos offer VIP roulette games, though they do not all have the same names. Some roulette table games may be found under the names of Premium Roulette, Royal Roulette, Diamond Roulette, Auto-Roulette VIP, VIP Roulette, High Roller Roulette. At live casinos, most VIP tables are called VIP roulette, or similarly, High Limit Roulette, or High Roller Roulette.

Online Casinos with VIP Programs

The following online casinos offer players an overview of the different VIP levels, and how to improve your level in the form of a VIP program. Register at your favorite online casinos to join their VIP programs:

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