Multi Wheel Roulette

Roulette games are often portrayed as singular game, since you can only place bets on one table, for one wheel. Even so, this is not always the case, as in both land-based as well as online casinos, they offer players the possibility of playing at multiple roulette tables, though this is easier at an online casino. At an online casino you can play on Multi Wheel Roulette, and thus play on multiple roulette wheels. This entails that you don’t continuously have to change tabs, and thus, don’t have to miss out on any exciting wins.

At a land-based casino, some players choose to walk between tables, placing bets as they see fit when they can, and then moving on to the next table. The dealers usually keep track of their chips, and are thus often rewarded in the form of a tip. Even so, the excitement of roulette is rather reduced through this kind of gameplay, since the player often misses the moment that the ball falls on their winning bet. It is also difficult to follow the statistics in this way, or continue with a strategy.

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The Different Types of Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette is a rather broad variation of roulette, and the different software providers, especially in live casino, have different versions. Multi Wheel Roulette can be a game where there is one table where you can place your bets, and multiple wheels.  It can also be a variation where you have a split screen, often in two or three parts, where you can load other games, such as roulette. Thus, you play at different tables, with different wheels.

You can also play Multi Wheel Roulette where there are two wheels, and two tables where you can place your bets, but they are timed at the same time so you can place your bets with ease, but the balls are spun at the same time. The most often used variation is however, the type where there is only one table where you place your bets and you can choose how many wheels you want, such as Multi Wheel Roulette from NetEnt.

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How Does Multi Wheel Roulette Work?

Depending on the variation and software provider, Multi Wheel Roulette can have different rules, but is primarily always on a European Roulette wheel. The main idea of this type of roulette, is that you have more chance of your bet becoming a winning bet, due to the multiple wheels. This could be especially useful if you are choosing to bet on one, singular number. The pay-outs do remain 35:1, which means that you only have more chance of winning with this type of roulette.

The Features of Multi Wheel Roulette

If you are looking to play a fast game of roulette, this variation might be ideal for you. Since there are multiple wheels, and they all spin at the same time (usually) you can play multiple roulette games at once, instead of only on. You can also make use of the automatic insertion mode, for certain inside of outside bets, so you don’t have to place all the chips yourself.

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We would not suggest using Multi Wheel Roulette for the roulette strategies, since these strategies require you to change you bet according to the outcome of one single roulette wheel. If you wish to try this, stick to one roulette wheel, and bet according to the outcome of that one wheel, while the other spin only for fun.

Where to play Multi Wheel Roulette

The providers of most Multi Wheel roulette table games are Microgaming and NetEnt. You can find this variation of roulette at the following online casinos:

Live casino software providers also offer multiple roulette games, such as Authentic Gaming, and PlayTech. At Authentic Gaming casinos, it is called live Double Wheel Roulette. You can find live Multi Wheel Roulette games at the following online casinos: