High Roller Roulette

High Roller roulette is the kind of roulette you see in James Bond movies. Becoming a high roller at the casino is an ambition of many gamblers. It entails that you bet with a lot of money, but can also win a lot more than most other players. As a high roller, you also often gain a VIP status easily, plus all the extras that come along. At land-based casinos high rollers get luxury hotel suites and free drinks. But also in online casino the high rollers are treated special. They receive more special bonuses and promotions, as well as invites to VIP events, which offer a VIP treatment from the moment you step out of your house. High Rollers at the roulette table are mostly people with enough money who like to be seen. 

Online Casinos

Online casinos are available from every location thanks to the mobile accessibility of the table games as well as live casino games. Furthermore, these online casinos are available 24/7, and there is always space to play.

There are also specific high roller, or VIP tables, where the table limits are higher, so that high rollers won’t be limited to placing lower bets than they wish to.Image result for high roller casino

Bet High, Win High

For High Rollers, many online casinos make exceptions with the welcome bonuses, and implement special high roller bonuses. While these may have a lower match bonus percentage than the normal welcome bonus (usually not 100%), they do go a lot higher. In order to be eligible for this bonus, you do have to deposit a minimum amount, which is usually higher than most regular players are willing to deposit.

These bonuses ensure that your balance of deposited money and bonus money is so high that you can make as many high bets as you want. Since you have a higher balance, you can also play longer, and deal with high losses better. This also entails, however, that you can also win much higher than most players, since you have the luxury of betting higher.

Safe Gambling


In order to ensure our players that these casinos follow all the right rules in regards to pay-outs and withdrawal options. We make sure that all the online casino on Roulette.UK.net are regulated by tried and trusted legislation. Thus, high rollers can be confident and comfortable in that they will not put a lot of effort, time, and money into the roulette game, without receiving their wins. Specially for high rollers, many VIP programs also offer quicker, and higher withdrawal possibilities. Since high rollers play with high amounts, they are often granted a high VIP status relatively quickly. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the security of your hard-earned wins.

Does this sound familiar to you, and do you see yourself as a high roller? Then check out the following online casinos that offer high roller bonuses specifically for you!

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