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French Roulette

Roulette Variation: French Roulette

While American Roulette and European Roulette differ primarily and only in the fact that American Roulette has one more zero on the roulette wheel, French roulette is most similar to European Roulette, but still differs in smaller details. In this way, French Roulette only has one zero, similar to European Roulette, while the layout is slightly different. The table layout is not the classic type, with the different betting systems on the outside, such as red/black or dozens, but a racetrack type of layout. The payouts and odds, as well as betting possibilities, are also always written in French, instead of the usual English. Thus, you will always find the words Tier, Orphelins, and Voisins du Zero on the table layout.

How does French Roulette Work?

The main objective of French roulette is the same as both European Roulette and American Roulette. Place your bets on the table, the dealer closes the bets, turns the wheel and spins the roulette ball, and the outcome is the winning number for that round. Since the roulette wheel consists of one zero, similar to European Roulette, you will have a chance of 1 in 17.

French Roulette free
French Roulette 2

Where can I play French Roulette?

French Roulette is often found at online casinos where they also offer American Roulette because this means that this online casino does not only offer European Roulette. You can try playing French Roulette for free at several online casinos. This entails that you now only get to introduce yourself to the French Roulette table, but can also play with chips and fake money. You can easily choose to play with real money after registering and depositing.

French Roulette Betting Names and Pay-Outs:

Since the layout is in French, as well as the game itself, the betting options are also given French names, which can be found in the list below:

  • Chances Simples – Single chances, that pays-out twice the betting amount. This includes Red/Black, Even/Odd, the first 18 numbers (Manque), and 19 up to 31 (Passe).
  • Douzaines – Dozens, which pays out three times the betting amount. This includes 1 up to 12, (Première), 13 up to 24 (Moyenne), and 25 up to 36 (Derni1ere).
  • Colonne – Columns, which pays out three times the betting amount. This includes bets on the three columns that include the numbers 1 up to 36.
  • Transversale Simple – Six number bet, which pays out six times the bet.
  • Carrè – Four number bet, which pays out nine times the bet.
  • Tansversale Pleine – Three numbered bet, which pays out 12 times the bet.
  • Cheval – Two numbers above or below each other, which pays out 18 times the bet.
  • En Plein – Betting on one, single number, which pays-out 36 times the bet.
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