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RedBet, not only a roulette bet, but also a tactic, AND an online casino. For players that are looking for a (relatively) easy way to improve your chances at winning, the Red Bet tactic at RedBet casino can be the ideal way to play roulette! With the welcome bonus of up to £ 1,000, you can make use of the bonus money to increase your betting chances and thus your winning chances.



The Red Bet Tactic

The Red Bet tactic is one of the simplest tactics that there are, but you do have to stick to a certain base bet. This means that you have one starting amount, that you come back to when you win. This amount shouldn’t be too high, seeing as that you also double your base bet, which entails that your betting amount can increase rather rapidly. Red Bet is therefore a tactic that you should only try if you have a great amount of funds. You do, however, also win a lot when you double you bet all the time. With this tactic, you can only lose money by running out of money to bet, or that exceed the table betting limits.

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How does Red Bet work?


RedBet is one of the simplest tactics or strategies in that you simply double your bet every time you lose, and include black bets into the game. If you win, you place your base bet on red again. So in theory, if you keep winning, then you only bet the same amount on red every time. When you lose, you place your doubled bet on the red, and your base bet on black. If you keep losing (for example, the ball falls on the 0), then you only double your red bet, and not your black bet; that remains your base bet.

Roulette at RedBet

Redbet is an online casino with an attractive welcome bonus, split into three deposits. Your first deposit grants you 100% up to £ 100 and 100 free spins using the bonus code WELCOME. With your second deposit with bonus code WELCOME2, you receive 50% up to £ 400, and 100 free spins. Your third and final deposit with bonus code WELCOME3 will grant you 25% up to £ 500 and 50 free spins.

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You can practise implementing the Red Bet tactic in play for free mode on the roulette table games, or play with real money on the live roulette tables in the live casino. RedBet offer two different live casino providers: Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, to ensure that you have the impressive roulette experience that you’re looking for.

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