Live Roulette HD

Most casinos now offer players Live Roulette HD. This has been a long-awaited upgrade of the popular live roulette, with a camera view of playing roulette, and a live dealer. HD Live Roulette has some exciting new features to entice the roulette player even more.

What’s in Live Roulette HD?

With live roulette HD, the camera image has sharpened up to 3 Mbit/s. This grants you an even more realistic gaming experience. You can choose between the two most played variations of roulette: French roulette and La Partage.

We advise you to play La Partage, as this variation improves your odds. This is because, if you bet on single bets (red/black, even/odd, 1 – 18/ 19 – 36), you will not lose all of your bet when the roulette ball falls on zero. It will be halved. La Partage does require a minimum bet of 2 pounds, whereas the other variations of live roulette generally have 1 pound as a minimum. This advantage only counts if you play on these high-win chance bets at roulette.

Live Roulette HD2

Due to the ever-increasing offer of bandwidth and data for internet use on the pc as well as mobile devices, live roulette software providers are continuously improving their quality to keep up with the expectations of their players. Live roulette already has offers of HD quality, and this can only improve over the next few years. This gaming experience allows you to feel as though you are actually in the online casino itself. This is possible due to the crisp images and the aforementioned audio-visual experience.

Immersive Roulette as Live Roulette HD

At the moment, Immersive Roulette is an extensive and leading feature of live roulette that Evolution Gaming has made a possibilities for many different online casinos. By providing players with this software provider, casinos ensure their players of not only a HD live roulette experience, but in a roulette experience where they are completely immersed into the game.

What does HD Live Roulette Improve?

While the classic roulette table games are often also high quality, they miss the personal touch that live roulette offers. This was always the problem for live roulette players, since the personal touch was added, but the video quality was not comparable to classic table games. Thanks to the technological advancements today however, this is a problem of the past. The quality of many different software providers’ live roulette view is such a high quality that you do not need to choose between quality or a live feed.