Live Roulette Dealers

Live roulette dealers are a specialized group of professionals. This has been apparent for years, since the start of roulette. The profession has changed however, with the introduction of online live casinos. Like the rest of the world, casinos are shifting their attention from the local, to an online existence, which in turn naturally changes the course of roulette dealers.

Live Dealer: A Great Look!

The best part of watching a live roulette dealer nowadays is that the live roulette is not accompanied with a camera of its own, if not multiple. As a result, the croupier, as well as the player, can receive the feeling of portraying a real land-based casino experience. Due to the large offer of live roulette options at online casinos, many people let their choice depend on the live dealer. For example; men will often choose a charming young woman while the ladies might go for a good looking male dealer. It is therefore important that the live dealers look presentable for the online casino. Since land-based casino have a lower amount of roulette tables, this is less of an issue.

2-Uk-Roulette-Winners-RP-Live Roulette Live Roulette Dealers

The Influence of the Live Roulette Dealers

Roulette dealers, or croupiers, may seem relatively unimportant in the outcome of the roulette game. Even so, according to visual ballistics, the opposite may be true. In any case, every dealer spins the ball at a different speed, and also turns with wheel at a certain speed. Based on these two speeds, one could theoretically predict where the roulette ball will lang. This entails that the live dealer does play a large role in the outcome. In fact, there is no game in the live casino where the dealer determines the outcome more, than in live roulette.

Dealers Signature and Visual Ballistics

As mentioned afore, it is possible to predict the location where the ball will fall when you see a trend in the behaviour of the ball in accordance with a specific roulette dealer. This can be used to you advantage so that you bet on the numbers where you believe that the roulette ball will land, once you have recognized the patter. Read more about Dealers Signature or Visual Ballistics here.

The Casino at Home

As a player, being able to play at an online casino from the comfort of your own home, or on the way; live casino opens many opportunities. The large amount of live dealers as well as live roulette tables is often more extensive than that of land-based casinos, which reduced your stress, and can help to improve your live roulette experience.