Immersive Roulette

Immersive roulette is a form of live roulette that allows the player to be immersed into the roulette games through the use of 14 HD cameras. Everything is filmed in real-time and broadcasted to the player. As cherry on top, the drop of the ball is even shown in slow-motion, to add even more suspense and excitement to the game.

Immersive roulette is the ultimate form of online roulette. In this article, you will find all about this new online roulette game that changed the online casino world.

Multiple Camera Positions in Immersive Roulette

Until today, online live roulette meant playing with a dealer who is approximately two or three meters away from the camera. This is a logical position, since this reflects the situation that you would experience in a land-based casino, with the table in between. In live casino however, some of the personal touch is lost with this style in the live casino. Bringing the dealer closer to the player ensures a closer feeling, which immerses you more into the game.

Immersive Roulette 1

Technological advancements and Evolution Gaming’s Immersive roulette now takes you closer to the dealer and roulette wheel than ever before!

Slow Motion Play with Immersive Roulette

An exciting feature with Immersive Roulette is that there is a slow play function that you can make use of. When this feature is activated, the image will delay the video just before the roulette ball falls, and will zoom in so that you receive a full view of the wheel and roulette ball. Through this close-up you feel like you get to see even more than you would than at a land-based casino. This close-up will also help players who wish to practise their roulette tactics such as Dealers Signature, or Visual Ballistics.

Example of Immersive Roulette: Evolution Gaming

In the following video, you receive a realistic impression of what to expect from Immersive Roulette. You can tell from the first minute that the dealers are well-clothed, and look groomed. Their appearance is something that they put a lot of attention into, and since the cameras have a HD view, this is important. The HD view ensures that the live feed that you receive is not pixelated, but clear, and realistic.

The game of roulette itself is nothing new of course. It is a standard European roulette games without special rules of conditions. The gaming experience however, is completely changed through these features. As a player you will get a close-up view of the dealer and the roulette wheel from a large number of cameras. These cameras are positioned perfectly, and the background has been decorated classically so that you feel like you’re in a VIP area.

Selecting and Zooming in on Cameras

The game interface of Immersive Roulette (how to bet and change options) also received a facelift in comparison to the classical online roulette game. You can choose your own cameras on which you would like to focus on, whether this may be the dealer, the roulette wheel, or the table. This grants you control over you love roulette experience.

Entry Limits

The wagering limits are incredibly attractive for the vast majority of players. With a minimum bet of 1 pound and a maximum limit of 10,000 pounds, most players will find themselves within these limits.

Immersive Roulette 2 Betting Limits

Immersive Roulette is an experience, which is why we suggest trying it yourself.

Immersive Roulette availability on iPhone and iPad

While it may seem rather over the top, the technological progress of the last few years has made it possible for you to get play Immersive roulette on your mobile device. This is not only high quality, but also fast speed roulette for your enjoyment. This means that you don’t have to give up a high quality of playing while you’re on the go, just because you aren’t playing on a pc. It is however, important that you have a strong internet connection when playing on a mobile device, since Immersive Roulette requires more data for the live stream to work optimally.