Live Roulette in High Definition

Live roulette in High Definition

With the internet creating new opportunities daily, the popularity of online casinos grows rapidly. To compensate for the lack of atmosphere and the lack of the social aspect of the land-based casinos, live casinos were created.

Through the use of a live stream connection, online casinos were able to bring the casino experience right to your living room. This is the fastest-growing form of roulette on the internet today.

Live roulette at every online casino

Almost all online casinos offer live roulette and you can play in online casinos in different countries. Even so, most of the live dealers speak English, as this is used as the international language. This way, you can enjoy the luxury of the casino from the comfort of your own chair. You get the feeling of sitting at the table with your own personal live croupier at the online live casinos.

Live roulette: How does it work?

The live casino games work in the following fashion. You play remotely with a real roulette game that is played live, in real-time, in a casino. A camera ensures that you can see all the areas of the table and wheel on the screen of your device. This is achieved through a live stream, which means that there is virtually no difference in timing. With your mouse, you can place your bets on the digital table underneath the screen. 

Throughout the duration of the game, the live dealer, or croupier, instructs you with what to do just as in the casino. For example, the live dealer indicates when betting is closed with a sweep of his or her hand over the table. The dealer then turns the wheel, and the number where the ball falls is then presented on your screen.

See everything in real-time

The most attractive point of this live stream is that you can see everything with your own eyes. The chips that you win are automatically added to your account online once you win. This means that you can follow the croupier's actions without having to keep track of so many different things. Also, there are fewer distractions than you might find at a land-based roulette table.

Live roulette Chat

You can often communicate with the croupier or even other players through the use of the live chat. While the dealer communicates with you through the screen of the live roulette table, you can also talk to the dealer using the live chat option. You can also see who has won, so you can congratulate the other players at your table.

Live Roulette in HD Quality

Live roulette is offered in HD quality. This provides a much better gaming experience. It also creates the experience which makes it seem like you are in the actual casino. At the moment, NetEnt is the major provider of HD quality live casino games together with Evolution gaming, the inventor of immersive roulette. They compete for a top position and provide you with professional live dealers.

Live Roulette Offer

What does HD Quality mean?

With live roulette HD, the camera image has sharpened up to 3 Mbit/s. This grants you an even more realistic gaming experience. You can choose between the two most-played variations of roulette: French roulette and La Partage.

Play La Partage

We advise you to play La Partage, as this variation improves your odds. This is because, if you bet on single bets (red/black, even/odd, 1 – 18/ 19 – 36), you will not lose all of your bet when the roulette ball falls on zero. It will be halved. La Partage does require a minimum bet of 2 pounds, whereas the other variations of live roulette generally have 1 pound as a minimum. This advantage only counts if you play on these high-win chance bets at roulette.

Live Roulette HD2

No bandwidth issues with live roulette

Due to the ever-increasing offer of bandwidth and data for internet use on the pc as well as mobile devices, the software providers are continuously improving their quality to keep up with the expectations of their players. Live roulette already has offers of HD quality, and this can only improve over the next few years. 

This gaming experience allows you to feel as though you are actually in the online casino itself. This is possible due to the crisp images and the aforementioned audio-visual experience.

Live Roulette : Immersive roulette

At the moment, Immersive Roulette is an extensive and leading feature of live roulette made by Evolution Gaming. By providing players with this software, casinos ensure their players of not only an HD live roulette experience but in a roulette experience where they are completely immersed in the game.

High Quality

While the classic roulette table games are often also high quality, they miss the personal touch that live roulette offers. This was always the problem for live roulette players since the personal touch was added, but the video quality was not comparable to classic table games. Thanks to the technological advancements today, however, this is a problem of the past. The quality of many different software providers’ live roulette views is such a high quality that you do not need to choose between quality or a live feed.

Mini live roulette on your mobile device

Suppose you want to try the live roulette experience, but your screen is too small. With today’s technology, this can easily be the case, since screens are becoming smaller, though they are also becoming more dynamic. Since not all online casinos offer the ability to play live roulette on mobile devices yet, or on smaller screens, mini live roulette has been called for.

Real live roulette on your mobile

This form of roulette provides everything that a regular live casino has to offer as well. A live dealer, the roulette wheel, the roulette table layout, you name it. You almost don’t even notice the difference between regular live roulette, other than that it’s all a bit smaller than that you’re used to. In addition, it’s a full-featured live roulette game that you can play in a 200 pixel by 200-pixel window. 

Mini Roulette is an online roulette temporary solution for the rapid changes that the technological improvements have brought. What’s better than live roulette in good quality on your mobile phone or tablet to keep you entertained on the go?

Mini Live Roulette

Benefits of live roulette

Through the quick change of regular live casino to the mini live casino options, we have seen the following benefits:

  • Play online Live Roulette in a real casino from your mobile phone or tablet
  • Suitable for mobile screens, so wherever you are, you can enjoy live roulette.
  • You can play multiple games simultaneously on one screen. This is quite unique compared to the possibilities of land-based casinos. Multi-play or multi-wheel roulette is offered by several different live roulette software providers.


With Mini Live Roulette, you have a full-fledged interface that allows you to play roulette in an exhilarating way, without needing much room. At each stage of the game, the content of the screen changes, and you will be offered exactly what you need to see. 

For example, when you need to place a bet, you will see the table layout, whereas when all bets are closed and the ball is spinning, the camera will focus on the roulette wheel instead. This way, you won’t miss out on anything because your screen is too small. You receive everything that you’d expect from a bigger screen, only smaller.

Just try it

Perhaps it’s a good idea to test whether mini live roulette suits you. We can imagine that you’d prefer to see everything in the larger proportions in order to get the real casino experience in the best possible way. Even so, we also understand that we are living in a world where you are busier, and more capable of using mobile devices in your everyday life. 

In the moments that you can find some time to relax, you can make use of the Mini Live Roulette to play the stress of the day away. Either way, big or small, live roulette remains an unrivaled feature of the live casinos and makes sure that the casino experience comes to you, rather than vice versa.

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