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In recent years, we have found that players often have less time to fit going to the casino into their busy social lives. With the internet creating new opportunities daily, the popularity of online casinos grows rapidly. To compensate for the lack of atmosphere and the lack of the social aspect of the land-based casinos, live casinos were created. Through the use of a live stream connection, online casinos were able to bring the casino experience right to your living room. Live Roulette is therefore considered the fastest growing form of roulette on the internet today. A few reasons why this may be is that this is a safer way to play, or because the other options lacked a somewhat social and personal touch.

Almost all online casinos offer live roulette and you can play with different dealers from different countries. Even so, most of the live dealers speak English, as this is used as the international language. This way, you can enjoy the luxury of the casino from the comfort of your own chair. Receive the feeling of sitting at the table with your own personal live croupier at the live casinos of online casinos.

How does Live Casino work?

The live casino games all generally work in the following fashion: You play remotely with a real roulette game that is played live, in real time, in a casino. A camera ensures that you can see all the areas of the table and wheel on the screen of your pc or tablet. This can be achieved through a super fact live stream, which means that there is virtually no difference in timing. Using your mouse, you can place your bets on the digital table underneath the screen. Throughout the duration of the game, the live dealer, or croupier, instructs you with what to do. For example, the live dealer indicates when betting is closed with a sweep of his or her hand over the table. The dealer then turns the wheel, and the number where the ball falls is then presented on your screen.

The most attractive point of this live stream is that you can follow all of these actions with your own eyes. The chips that you win are automatically added to your account online once you win. This means that you can follow the croupiers actions without having to keep track of so many different things. Also, there are less distraction than you might find at a land-based roulette table.


Live Chat

You can often communicate with the live croupier, or even other players through the use of the live chat. While the live dealer will communicate with you through the audio-visual dimension of the live roulette table, you can always type something to them using the live chat option. You can often also see who has won, and can thus congratulate the players through this form of communication.

Live Roulette in HD Quality

Due to the ever-increasing growth of internet possibilities amongst players and the arrival of even better displays, live roulette has already been offer in HD quality. This produces a higher gaming experience. It also creates the aforementioned audio-visual experience, which makes it seem as through you are in the actual casino. At the moment, NetEnt is a major provider of HD quality live casino games. They compete for a top position and provide you with professional live dealers.

Live Roulette Offer

The Live Roulette Offer

Almost every online casino now offers at least one software provider that provides live casino. This means that you not only have the choice of standard roulette in the table game category, but also the live variation. Some popular casinos even offer multiple live casino software providers so you can choose different styles.