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Game of roulette. Which roulette game is the best?

How do we determine what the best game of roulette is?

It is important that you find the best game of roulette at the best online casino. It is the casino where you as a roulette player feel most at home and you want to keep coming back to for years. 

What most roulette players look for in an online casino

  • Is it possible to deposit and withdraw easily? Do they provide your preferred payment method?
  • Is the support professional and readily available for your questions or complaints?
  • Are you content with the offer of games? For instance: Is live roulette provided, and can you bet high as a high roller?
  • Is an online casino trustworthy? What does the casino do to ensure the safety and discretion of transactions and to ensure the fairness of the games?
  • Will this online casino still be online in a few years? What is the background of this online casino?
  • Does the appearance and feel of the online casino satisfy you? Do you feel comfortable playing here?
  • Does the casino have interesting bonus offers and is the casino involved in giving the existing and recurring clients enough attention?

Best online casino to play roulette. Roulette variations

We have created this site to help all different kinds of roulette players find the right online casino for them. This is why we offer a divers offer of strictly hand-picked online casinos that are up to our standards and expectations of our players.

For this reason, it is important to explore different online casinos until you find one that is right for you. Hence, we aim to provide objective and professional reviews regarding online casinos, so that the choice is solely your own. We also keep an eye out for new and upcoming online casino’s so that you are always kept up to date in your online casino offer.

At online casinos, you often have the choice between different online roulette games. Even so, it may be difficult to distinguish what the best online casino to play roulette is for you. To make sure that you aren’t overwhelmed by the large offer, we have sampled and ranked them for you. The summary points will inform you of the basics, and for more information you can read our dedicated review so that you can tell if this is the right online casino for you.

Not only is it important to find the the best online casino to play roulette for you, but also the right software provider. Many casinos offer one, or perhaps two software providers, which each offer different live casino games, and various tables. These differ in visual quality, the proficiency of the dealer, the amount of seats available, the minimum or maximum betting amount, etc. 

Some players prefer an online casino  with higher amount of tables or betting range. Other players prefer a smaller offer of games, where they can play with their favourite dealer or prefer a certain view of the table. The choice of the game remains entirely in your hands.

So what is now the best online casino to play a game of roulette?

For us that is very easy. Look at the review tables and the top online casino’s in that table are the very best. Since a long time 888Casino is preferred by a lot of players to play roulette. But now we see that the new kids on the block Slotnite Casino and bCasino are rapidly taking over. All the casino’s on our website are professional online casino’s with a large amount of roulette offerings for all different types of roulette.  All the casinos we review have.

  1. a baseline offering of online roulette games ranging from small to high limits
  2. a live casino
  3. reachable customer service
  4. a solid history of payouts to winning roulette players
  5. a professional department that keep things up and running

Types of games of roulette

There a many different games of roulette available. In this chapter we list the most popular games of roulette for you.

European roulette

American roulette

Multiwheel roulette

multiwheel roulette
multiwheel roulette

With the multi-wheel game of roulette, you can play roulette on a table with up to 6 roulette wheels.  You can decide on how many wheels you want to play simultaneously. your bet and the payouts are multiplied by the number of wheels you play on at the same time.

Multiplayer roulette

multiplayer roulette
multiplayer roulette

To experience even more the feeling of a real casino while playing the game of online roulette, you can participate in multiplayer roulette, or live roulette. Here you sit with several people at the same game table at the same time and you have the opportunity to talk to each other while playing. You can see what winnings your opponents have and you can copy a playing strategy from your fellow players on the table that might be attractive for you.

Airball roulette

Airball Roulette can only be found in casinos and arcades. With this completely computer-controlled variant, you can participate in the game with several participants at the same time, with the roulette wheel located under a glass dome. The ball is blown into the roulette wheel by means of air pressure, which is why this type of roulette gets its name. Basically the Airball game of roulette works the same as regular roulette.

Lightning roulette

lightning roulette
Lightning roulette

Lightning roulette is a fairly new type of live roulette and was developed by Evolution Gaming. The addition of multipliers to the single odds ensures that you can make big additional winnings, because the multipliers can be up to x500. On the other hand, the standard payouts for some chances are somewhat lower than with the standard game of roulette.

Double ball roulette

double ball roulette
Double ball roulette

As the name suggests, the game of Double Ball roulette is played with two balls that are brought into play simultaneously. Obviously, this creates double odds, more betting options and higher payouts. Those looking for an extra exciting type of roulette are baked with Double Ball roulette!

Golden Ball roulette

golden ball roulette
golden ball roulette

Golden Ball Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming (Pragmatic Play) is a variant of the European game of roulette in which one player at the gaming table can win an extra prize round if he has bet the most in 20 rounds. Golden balls can earn cash prizes, tickets or gifts.

Immersive Roulette

With Immersive Roulette from Evolution Gaming you imagine yourself in a real casino, but from the comfort of your own living room. With the help of no less than 14 HD cameras, you can follow the live game progress in detail and you even have the option to view certain actions in slow motion. A very popular game of roulette. Read more about it here…

Speed roulette

speed roulette
Speed roulette

Online live roulette is often not the easiest way to play roulette, because waiting for a new round can take a while. Evolution Gaming has changed that with Speed Roulette. Play rounds last only 25 seconds, so there are no more breaks between spins. ideal to play martingale really fast.

Age of the Gods roulette

age of the gods roulette
Age of the god’s roulette

Developer Playtech has launched this special variant of roulette with a jackpot. With Age of the Gods Roulette, Playtech has combined this game of roulette with an online slot, giving the player a chance to win a progressive jackpot that is linked to all other Age of the Gods games from Playtech. In addition, there are various bonuses in the form of multipliers that you can win by placing a special bet.

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

1000 diamond bet roulette
1000 Diamond bet roulette

There are roulette variants that differ slightly from the traditional variant, but Playtech’s 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette is really completely different. There are 100 numbers and five diamonds with which you can win a multiplier or even a 1000X jackpot. 

Dragon Jackpot roulette

dragon jackpot roulette
Dragon jackpot roulette

The game of Dragon Jackpot Roulette from Playtech is a game variant where you can win various jackpots. The game is entirely in an Asian theme. We took a closer look at Dragon Jackpot Roulette. Is it a successful roulette variant or a dragon of a game?

Pinball roulette

Pinball roulette
Pinball roulette

The Pinball  game of roulette from Playtech is a roulette game where the winning number is drawn in a pinball-like environment. As an extra, a bonus round is available that allows you to bet winnings to double up to 10X.

Diamond roulette

diamond roulette
Diamond roulette

Developer 1×2 Gaming has completely turned up roulette as you know it, which has led to a very special type of roulette game, in which you can roll up to four balls simultaneously on a diamond-shaped playing field. Slightly chaotic, but very exciting. Roulette Diamond also has 41 numbers that you can bet on and that also includes some unique betting options and payouts.

Roulette 73

Roulette 73

Roulette 73 is a newly patented roulette game where there are no less than 73 numbers instead of the usual 37 pieces. The red and black boxes have also doubled so that the house advantage for this special variant is 1.37 per cent. This new type of roulette has not yet found its way to the casinos, but who knows what the future will bring!

Alphabet roulette

alphabet roullette
Alphabet roulette

the game of Alphabet Roulette is developed by Betsson, a large part of the numbers on the roulette wheel has given way to the complete alphabet. Unfortunately, this has led to fewer betting options and an increase in the house edge, two things that are reason enough for many players to ignore this type of roulette. (this includes us..)

Mini Roulette

This name says it all… Just look at the picture below.

game of roulette mini roulette
Mini roulette
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