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What is a Free spins roulette bonus?

Get your free spins at these casinos

Many online casinos are competing with each other and for many people, registration/welcome bonuses or free spins are a reason to register yourself at a specific online casino. In this article, we are focusing on the popular free spins bonuses.

What exactly are free spins? and why are they being given away? Are there advantages and disadvantages? Can you use the free spins bonus on any table game or slot machine? All these questions are addressed in this article.

What are free spins?

Why are these being given away?

There is cutthroat competition among online casinos on the internet. With the free spins, casinos try to make it as attractive as possible that you to sign up and spend money. Where previously there were conditions for free spins, a number of online casinos have now abolished these. If you have won money with your spins, you can withdraw it immediately without having to make a deposit. Check out PlayOjo casino with fair and easy free spins conditions.


There are a number of benefits that you can take advantage of, of course, you need to know these benefits in order to make the most of it. Below are tips to take advantage of this attractive bonus.

  • Free play credit with which you can (sometimes) try out multiple slot machines
    Many casinos give away free spins, so many casinos try for free.
  • You play without risk
  • Try out free strategies
  • Longer play, therefore, more chance of winning


  • In addition to advantages, there are also a number of disadvantages to free spins. You really must pay attention to the bonus conditions and take these into account before accepting a free spins bonus.
  • At a number of casinos, you must first play the money won.
  • For example, if you have won 10 euros, you are obliged to first spend money before the bonus is released. You also do not have unlimited time to clear your bonus, many casinos have an ultimatum of 14 to 30 days. If you are late, the bonus has expired and is no longer valid
  • You can only release the bonus on a slot machine. If you want to do this in roulette, the bonus is halved, so you spend much longer to clear it
  • Free spins can only be used on a limited number of slots or table games that are indicated by the casino itself. The advice is to pay close attention to the bonus/wagering conditions.
  • Not everyone has a lot of money available to clear the bonus. If you run out of money, the bonus freezes as time goes on.

Can you use free spins on any slot machine of choice?

Often you only have a very limited choice where you can use the free spins. As a rule, the casino determines which cabinets are valid. These are usually only 1 or 2.

How do you best use free spins for roulette?

Try to save as many as possible, this is a difficult job as they are only valid for a limited time. Keeping an eye on which casinos scatter free spins is also lucrative to do. Register yourself at online casinos that give free spins with only a registration. The more spins, the greater the chance of a cash prize.

When can you withdraw free spins?

Often casinos that give away a lot of free spins also have higher wagering conditions included in the regulations. Many free spins seem nice, but you should thoroughly study the requirements that apply to the payout.

Other bonuses

At some point, the free spins run out, and you have the choice to quit or continue playing by depositing money into your playing account. But what now? How much should I bet to have a better chance of winning a cash prize? And not unimportant what are the costs?

Usually, you can bet from 0.01 euro cents to 1 euro for playing 1 line.

We take an example of a slot with 25 pay lines, 1 pay line costs 0.01 to 1 euro. You can bet a maximum of 10 credits per line. Therefore, you can play credit at 0.01 on a pay line. If you play with a maximum of 25 lines, you will lose 25 credits with the minimum bet. If you bet maximum, you lose 25 times the maximum of 10 credits, so 250 credits.

Each slot has a Max bet button that you can use.

What if you do not want to have small letters and difficult bonus conditions?

What is a no-deposit bonus at roulette?

You will receive this bonus as a new player without having to deposit money into your playing account. Usually, registration is sufficient to qualify for the bonus. Click here for more information on no deposit bonuses.

What is a welcome bonus?

If you want to start online gambling, almost every online casino has a welcome bonus ready for you. If you are registered and you have made the first deposit, you will often receive up to a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a certain amount. Usually, it is a combination of extra money with free spins. Click here for more information on bonuses and promotions.

What is a Reload bonus?

A reload bonus is a bonus that you get from the casino if you have deposited money into your account multiple times. These bonuses are higher than a welcome bonus, sometimes even more like a deposit, you have made. Advise you to delve into it if you play more often. Click here for more information on reload bonuses.

What is a Loyalty bonus?

If you play at an online casino, the casino would like to keep you as a player. If you are loyal to the casino you can expect a bonus with every deposit, this can be in the form of a kind of savings. Temporary promotions and promotions because you are loyal to the casino as a player. You will be rewarded if you keep playing in the relevant casino. Click here for more information on loyalty bonuses.

What is a Cashback bonus?

With a cashback bonus, you can get money back on each spin. This bonus is very popular with roulette players. Click here for more information on cashback roulette bonuses.

The last year we see a huge amount of interest in cashback bonuses from roulette players. Actually amongst roulette players cashback bonuses are more sought after than even a no deposit bonus. This comes from the fact that the odds with roulette can be close to 50% and with a cashback bonus roulette players can optimise their odds even more.

What is a casino cashback bonus and what’s in it for me?

What is a Free spins roulette bonus? 1
Different cashback bonuses are possible

The casino cashback bonus is a bonus variant that is slightly different from the online casino bonuses that you are used to. Usually, in an online casino, you get a bonus with your first deposit. The amount deposited by you is then doubled or even tripled by the online casino. A cashback bonus works differently. Afterwards, you will get a part of your money back. That is if you lost.

There are a small number of online casinos where you get such a casino cashback bonus. AllBritish casino always gives you 10% cash back after every deposit. This casino cashback bonus from AllBritish casino is unlimited.

What are the benefits of a casino cashback bonus?

Jokingly, the casino cashback bonus is also sometimes called the “losers bonus”. After all, you only get this cashback bonus if you lose. The moment you win, you don’t get a bonus. The online casino simply looks at the amount deposited and your account balance. If you have deposited more than you still have in your account, there is a loss. 10% of this amount will then be refunded to your account.

10% cashback bonus isn’t that low?

10%, that’s a bit of a shock, isn’t it? At 888 Casino you get 200% deposit bonuses. But the difference is that this 10% is a cashback instead of a bonus. No bonus conditions apply to cashback. The 10% that you get back from All British Casino is therefore without annoying bonus conditions.

This means that you can know for yourself what you are doing with this 10%. This provides a number of very great advantages:

You can cash out the 10% cashback immediately, without having to play it around 20, 25, 30 or 50 times.

If you decide to continue playing with the 10% cashback bonus, you can bet it on all games in the online casino. So you can play with it on online slots, but also in the live casino. The online casino bonuses that you get with your deposit usually have the limitation that you cannot play live casino games with them. The casino cashback bonus has no restrictions on games that you can play.

You may also know how to play with the casino cashback bonus. There are no betting limits. With casino bonus money that you get with your deposit, there is often a maximum bet of a few euros. That is not the case with casino cashback bonuses. So you can also play with higher bets with your casino cashback.

AllBritish casino cashback bonus

AllBritish casino has a special cashback promotion for new players. If you sign up with AllBritish casino and start playing, you will get 10% of your loss back during the first week. This up to an amount of up to € 5,000. The nice thing about AllBritish casino is that you also get 10% off if you win.

How does that work now? Suppose you deposit an amount of € 100 during the first week. You’re out of luck at the live roulette game table and you lose your bet. AllBritish casinos will then give you back 10% of this amount in the form of casino cashback. You will then receive € 10 in your account. This € 10 is cash and you can do whatever you want with it.

The same if you win. Let’s say you deposit $ 100 and win $ 1,000 during your first week of playing at AllBritish casino. AllBritish casino will then give you a top-up bonus of 10% of your winnings. You have won € 1,000 and therefore receive € 100 in your account. This € 100 is also cash again. You can do whatever you want with it.

It doesn’t matter when you lose, you always get 10% of your loss back at AllBritish casino. With this 10%, you can then do what you want. You can continue playing with it, but you can also have it paid out without annoying bonus conditions.

At AllBritish casino you will not receive a top-up bonus, but you will receive unlimited cashback. This means that no matter how much you lose, you always get 10% of your investment back in your account.

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